Trump IV is a class M planet with inhabitants that call themselves "Trumpets".

Location Edit

Trump IV is located in the solar system called "Trump". Trump IV is the only inhabited planet in said solar system.

Environment Edit

Trump IV has a grassy, humid environment, although, strangely enough, there are barely any water sources on the planet. The gravity is much like earth's. The planet itself, however, is covered by a large space wall to ensure that any alien visitors with bad intentions would not easily get in.

History Edit

Most of the history of Trump IV is unknown, however, there are a few things that are known about it. The space wall was mainly built to keep the inhabitants of planet Spain out of the planet, as they kept fleeing their own planet and wreaking havoc on Trump IV. They especially built the space wall to defend against the allegedly immortal being, Crackpot.

The Federation once tried to get the Trumpets to join the Federation, but the Trumpets declined, wishing to never see the Federation again.

Inhabitants Edit

The inhabitants of Trump IV look, and, to an extent, act like Donald Trump. They love guns, don't like visitors from other planets, like negotiating, and have many other qualities alike to Trump. In addition, all of their names start with the letter "D", and all of their last names sound something alike to the name "Trump".