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Starfleet' is an Earth organization created for the exploration and colonization of planets throughout the galaxy.

Leadership Edit

Currently, the group is led by three different branches, which work similarly to the United States' governmental system of checks and balances. The Head Admiral (cvscvs2) acts as the executive branch, the Fleet Admiral (gamegecko42) serves as the Judicial, and the Starfleet Council is the legislative.

History Edit

Starfleet' was created by cvscvs2, as a 'reincarnation' of the original group, 'Starfleet.'. Since then, it has grown to 130 members, and has many different places and ships. Most people who join don't get past the rank of recruit, and if they do, the average they get to is only Cadet. Throughout the history of the newer group, gamegecko42 has served as it's head security officer. At one point, in a hacking now commonly known as "The Haxor Attacks", Head Admiral cvscvs2 was hacked and damage was done to this group. The damage included changes in the description, spamming, messages sending from his account, demotions, and exiling. After that, there were not any real credible threats to the group, except Project BlackJack, which was not real.