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Project BlackJack was a top-secret project headed by cvscvs2 and gamegecko42, in which gamegecko42 pretended to head a rebellion against cvscvs2. It's basic purpose was to see who was most likely to rebel.

Events Edit

The project began when cvscvs2 and gamegecko42 were "bored", so they had to come up with something to do. Gamegecko suggested a fake rebellion, to test how loyal people really were. Cvs agreed to this. It all started with a fake file that cvs supposedly declassified without gamegecko's permission. That gave gamegecko part of a motive. Then cvs and game began sending messages to each of the group members, game saying the choice between the group and it's leader may need to be made soon, cvs asking if their loyalties lied with gamegecko or him.

Gamegecko managed to gather the support of the majority of the high ranks, which wasn't at all surprising to either cvs or game. Game used the story that cvs was corrupt as another reason. Zeuscallum, which cvs codenamed "wildcard", continually switched sides until the very end of the experiment. Eventually, cvs suspended game under "suspicion of treason". There was an uproar, and this enraged people. Cvs explained that gamegecko would have a trial, but later stated that due to the fact that gamegecko was usually the judge, jury, and executioner, there would be none. Gamegecko then used an alt to further his cause, by posting his argument on the wall.

In the end, almost everyone was on the side of gamegecko, and it showed how easily one person could convince everyone that someone was corrupt.

Fake File Edit

Project BlackJack was originally the name of a fake file, which supposedly contained information that cvs declassified without informing gamegecko first. It was used to make the story of gamegecko rebelling more believable.

NOTE: Since anajay2 is cvscvs2's sister, she knew what was going on. Also, OMGcaptainJessica basically figured out that cv and gamegecko were doing another experiment. Cvs, game, jessica, and ana were the only four people who knew it was fake.