Nyssa joined Starfleet' only a few years ago as a doctor and science officer majoring in biology. She is from a race of aliens known as Divinians, who hail from a planet called Eidaen, and have blue skin and horns, their culture is considered primitive - being still in tribal stages. She was recently reassigned to work aboard the Victory-D due to its desperate need for a competent doctor.

She is a staunch pacifist who will refuse to harm ally and enemy alike, and will always look for solutions other than violence; she hates to see others commit acts of violence but won't stop them if she believes that there may be no other option, she often uses the Hippocratic Oath to justify her pacifism: "Above all else, do no harm." Besides her pacifism, she is usually a kind and caring person to anyone, sometimes even the enemy, and believes in peace and communication.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Divinians are a race who have blue skin and horns, but every Divinian's horns are unique, much like a fingerprint. Nyssa has two large horns protruding from the top of her head and going back, then curling slightly, and smaller horns below them also protruding backwards. She has long bright white hair. She is considered to be quite beautiful, and her alien features don't seem to put off humans.

As a Divinian, she has the ability to turn invisible, as well as slightly increased resilience compared to humans. Due to her training in Divinian healing arts, she is able to use her innate power to heal herself or others.


Nyssa was raised up until the age of 14 on Eidaen, and was trained in the healing arts of the Divinians in her tribe. At the age of 14, her tribe was attacked by space pirates, they kidnapped her and she was put to work serving the pirates in many unfortunate ways until the age of 18, when the pirates were stopped and arrested by the Federation. The Federation took her in and taught her English and human healing methods. When she was ready, she was officially recruited by the Federation as a doctor and worked aboard various ships and colonies. She doesn't remember much of her time on Eidaen, and has lost much of her race's culture in favour of human culture, but still holds some of her race's beliefs and customs.