A guest is a species of humanoid that does not possess the power of speech, and is usually considered a non intelligent lifeform, though they are capable of space travel. They typically look like one of the three variations of the image to the right.

About Edit

The origins of this species is unknown, except that they come from the Gamma quadrant. They seem to have Q like powers, but they don't know how to use them because they are non-intelligent. Despite their non intelligence, they are capable of space travel. This has baffled human scientists for decades. The words on their uniform shirt spell out "Roblox" in English, but it is unknown what this means. Scientists theorize it may be the name of their planet, or the actual name of their species (scientists called them "guests" because they were visitors). They also believe that the R on their head covering stands for the word on their shirt. Most of the time, they are friendly, but occasionally they can be extremely hostile.

Intelligent Guests Edit

After a guest with a small amount of intelligence, the ability to speak, and apparently a limited amount of control of her powers appeared aboard the Victory-D, it became obvious that not all of this species was necessarily stupid.