Gamegecko is the current second in command (Fleet Admiral) and head security officer of Starfleet'. He is also the most respected and valued member of the group.

History Edit

"I have to say this, I admire what you do."

-Kmosko, to gamegecko42

NOTE: The timeline established here may be inaccurate.

Gamegecko42 is a very old member of starfleet. He joined only a little while after Kmosko did. Much about his past is unknown, because he wants it to be, but what little we do know will be here. Gamegecko raised up in rank extremely quickly, due to his skills in keeping the group safe, and quite a few other things. Hondra30, the leader, made him 2iC of the group, and he has been at that rank ever since. He prevented numerous rebellions from various people, including starfleet's biggest threat, loyalpest. Loyalpest launched two rebellions, and Johncena32, an HR, accused game of leading the second. He attempted to get gamegecko exiled from the group, but this was never accomplished. Kmosko, who would later become the Head Admiral of Starfleet, was gamegecko's "assistant" in taking down the rebellions.