Eyeplod (Species) Edit


Eyeplods are a species of unknown origin. They are a black ball with a large eye on the front, and two proportionately long and skinny legs. Their eyeball is almost the size of their entire heads, leaving little room for brains or other internal organs, thus it is unknown as to if they have a brain or other organs. They don't appear to eat, sleep, communicate, or do anything other than follow people and reproduce. They are fairly slow despite their long legs, however can jump quite high.

They were described by a scientist in the field of alien research as follows: "They come from eggs. Eggs layed by chickens. They're when chicken eggs go wrong because of black magic. They just want to follow people around." While the description is likely not accurate, it indicates that the scientist could not fathom their existence, as they defy scientific explanation.

Eyeplods are often murdered with extreme prejudice simply for existing because of their ability to multiply and infest any environment.

Reproduction Edit

Despite having been said to come from chicken eggs, this does not seem to be the case. Eyeplods can create an identical clone out of thin air every few seconds. The time between cloning varies, but is usually short. Each clone also produces clones of itself, meaning if left alone, a single eyeplod can become an infestation in minutes. They are even able to clone themselves whilst injured, though the clone will also have the same injuries.

Appearances Edit

Though seemingly impossible, they have appeared on starships mid-flight, and soon infested them, on multiple occasions. They have also appeared on planets, and infested the entire planet until it is no longer inhabitable. Such planets are destroyed with extreme prejudice in a vain attempt to prevent them from spreading.

Known Eyeplods Edit

  • Jeffrey is the only known named Eyeplod. He is unique in that he is incapable of multiplying.