Draco Black Edit

Background Edit

Draco Black is a mix of human and Unknown Alien. He is Practically Immortal, but is not entirely sane.

Not much is known about him, as he just returned from an unknown region of space that had been his home for over two hundred years. He claims to have spent this time building a knowledge of reality and existence, which has lead to some of his theories being "Out there". He has also spent a great deal of time studying alien psychology.

Current Missions Edit

Draco Black is currently assigned to the USS Holmes, although he is allowed to carry out his mission While on other Starships if more convenient. His mission is the protect starfleet from threats, both foreign and domestic. His methods have been called into question on several occasions, but ultimately the charges of Ethic Violations have always been dropped, due to the importance of his work.

Mental Condition Edit

Draco Black is Unstable, to say the least. His immortality has given him a slight obsession with death.

While he has never officially been diagnosed, it is rumored that he suffers from several Mental Disorders, Including but not limited to the following

Bipolar Disorder, dis-associative personality disorder (Sometimes saying his/others actions are controlled by a "Player"), Insomnia, Depression, and Anxiety.

The USS Holmes Edit

The USS Holmes is a prototype vessel, that uses a new propulsion system in order to replace the warp core. Much of It's purpose is Classified, but rumor states it that several crew members have ties to the fabled group "Section 31"