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Not much is known about Marlon is known, other than his birthdate and basic information. He did not reveal much to his crewmates, and was about to tell about how he joined Starfleet to his captain on the Death Kiss, a scavenger ship, when it was attacked and boarded by Maledenians. Marlon was the only one who survived, as he could speak Maledenian and managed to coax them out of killing him. He later joined the crew of the Victory as an assistant medical doctor to Golder, although he was bedridden for much of the voyage home.

He is officially related to a Maleden Navy Admiral named Louis Marlon and an unknown mother.

Habits Edit

Louis carried with him a strange weapon, a Blacksteel handgun that fires 4000 volt shots. It is unknown where he got it, although it was presumably given to him by Rear Admiral Ferus Feron of the Maledenian fleet, who was a close friend of his father's.

No matter the situation, Louis always wore a dust mask, and rarely spoke.