Deus' appearance when last seen

Deus is a powerful Q-Like entity, but generally tries to live a more restrained and helpful life than others, such as Crackpot and Q.

History Edit

Not much is known about Deus' history. Some time, very far in the past, he visited Earth, and, appalled with the state of the planet, began the Latin language. As other beings, including those like Zeus and Apollo, began to take over the Earth, Deus left for other things. At some point, he became romantically involved with a powerful being known as Delilah, now Deus' ex, who lives on planet Machina.

Some point very recently, Delilah broke up with Deus (she claimed people were coming too often to challenge him to duels), and kicked him off Machina. Deus then ran to Earth, and began living a secluded life in Poland. When Crackpot, in a fit of rage, challenged him, he sent him to a "Different dimension, different timeline, and alpha centauri". Now that his location was discovered, he moved to Germany, where he currently resides under a falsified identity.

Legend Edit

Deus is a household name, and somewhat of a legend. He has been known to use his powers throughout time to help humanity when necessary. He feels a strange bond to humans, and wishes he were able to live life like them. Many people worship him, though he tells them not to. The early Latins even made his name into a word, meaning deity.

Trivia Edit

- Deus started as a joke. We were going to planet Machina, and someone asked if Deus lived there. Someone else replied that his ex does. Thus, Deus was born.