Cvs starfleet uni

cvscvs2 is the original rp character of cvscvs2. He's a vanilla starfleet commander with a fairly flat personality. The only reason this article exists is because his story is so intertwined with that of Admiral Ugly.

Personality/Events Edit

Cvs was known to do whatever was generally right, and make tough decisions well. He was a decent starfleet captain, and all that jazz. Most of the events in his life that are worth noting can be summed up in Admiral Ugly's article. Though he was flat, he was a good captain, and a decent person.

Cvs grew up on Earth, and lived his life there, until he joined the academy. He was pretty good in academy courses, and occasionally used unconventional methods. He commanded several ships in his time, including the USS Victory, USS Victory-B, USS Victory-C, USS Victory-D, USS Victory-E, USS Phoenix, USS Unity, and the original Victory Class prototype, the NX Repeater. He was the Head Admiral until his death, and served the fleet pretty well.

Death Edit

Cvs died when a bio-weapon federation parasite inhabited him and exploded out of his stomach, instantly killing him. He died on 2/27/18 in a roleplay on the USS Victory-D.


- He owed Q a favor.