Cvs starfleet uni

cvscvs2 is the founder and current Head Admiral (leader) of Starfleet'. He was also Head Admiral for the second half of the original Starfleet's existence.

History Edit

"You're a promising cadet, I know you will achieve great things!"

-hondra30, to cvscvs2 (at cvscvs2's first training)

cvscvs2 joined the Original Starfleet only a few weeks after it was created. He quickly rose in ranks, and became an MR. While he was a Commander, he partied every HR online at the time and asked who Loyalpest was. Because of that, he met gamegecko42, who was and still is the main security officer of starfleet. Game took cvs on as an apprentice, and gamegecko became 2iC. Eventually, cvs also was the 2iC, and they and the leader, hondra, ran the group for a very long time. Eventually, in a very emotional resignation, hondra30 gave the group to cvscvs2 (hondra said if gamegecko had BC at the time, he would've been leader). He remained leader almost until the group's downfall, but for a few times when he gave gamegecko the group for a while. cvs ran the group, until the events of that caused it's downfall.

After the downfall of the original, cvs attempted twice to revive Starfleet. The first time he found a group called "The Grand Fleet", which he claimed, but at it's peak it only ever had 20 members, most of which were inactive. When that attempt failed, cvs bought BC again and tried one more time to recreate Starfleet.. He named it Starfleet', and his goal was to keep it as close to the original as possible. This group succeeded, and got up to 130 members and it currently is at 80 members. The main problem is the majority of these members don't host or attend trainings. cvs still tries to keep it alive, and as of right now, he isn't failing; but he isn't succeeding either.

Before Starfleet Edit

Before Starfleet, cvs barely did anything but play a game called "Jet Wars". The one group he was active in was called "The Dark Warriors!", and it was where he learned much about discipline, fighting, and how groups work. Until he joined Starfleet, cvs could not build at all; his first game was entirely free models on a starter map. After he did join, however, he had to build a starship, so his skills improved very much.

"Without Starfleet, truthfully, my career would've ended long ago. I wouldn't be where I am today on roblox, or in the real world."

- cvscvs2