Estricta's normal appearance.

Commodore George Pennyworth Garcia Estricta is a roleplay character used by cvscvs2 in roleplays. He has the rank of Commodore, and is generally considered a decent captain.

History Edit

Commodore Estricta debuted aboard the Victory-D, but not much is known about him before that. He, at some point, went through the academy, graduated, and slowly rose through the ranks to Commodore. He used to often command the Victory-D, before it was discovered he was working for Traxia. He then managed to escape by unknown means. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Quotes Edit

  • Officer (during battle with rogue Romulans): Where are we going, captain?

Estricta: To the Romulan's graves!

  • "Keep your comments to yourself." - Estricta to Everyone

Personality Edit

Estricta is essentially a normal Starfleet' commodore. He has a strong set of morals, and tries to do what is right. He often stresses how important it is to follow protocol, and will not allow for breaches in protocol to go unpunished. Now known to the Federation, he is also a member of Traxia. His reasoning is simple enough: the Federation, in his opinion, is corrupt, and destroys culture.

Trivia Edit

-Estricta is Spanish for "strict"