A CBW poster that can be found aboard the Uss Victory-D. (From left to right) Duncan Masters, Clayton Chorky, Volvo

Chorky and the Bandwagon is a popular Federation band, consisting of Clayton Chorky Jr. (Guitar), Duncan Masters (Bass) and Volvo (Drums).

History and Reception Edit

The band's founder was, of course, Chorky. Upon receiving the rank of Lieutenant, he decided to start a band, made up of the top solo musicians he could find. He got Lieutenant Duncan Masters, widely known as "The Rocker of Anton Prime" to play bass and a mysterious Vulcan ensign named Volvo, who Chorky has called "the best drummer this side of Romulus" for drums. They toured around together, in a couple of months of shore leave, and quickly reached the top of the Federation charts.

Their first single, Warp to My Heart, was a huge success. Only a week after its release, it topped the Federation billboard charts, and managed to stay there for a full month, breaking the previous record of 24 days held by popular Klingon punk-rock band Kahless and the Avengers. This is no small accomplishment, considering the immense amount of people who live in the Federation. A second single, Stick it to the Man, written by Vulcan drummer Volvo, made it to number three on the billboard, solidifying that Chorky and the Bandwagon were not a one hit wonder.

Soon after this, the six months of leave that the band has were up. Fortunately, the newly refitted Uss Victory-D was just finished, and the people at Starfleet Command decided having the band aboard would increase morale. Because of this, the entire band was assigned to the same starship, and are still able to release music. Their first track released while aboard the Victory, "(We're Gonna) Go Out Rockin'" was inspired by a near death experience, during which Chorky yelled out, "IF WE DIE, WE'RE GONNA GO OUT ROCKIN'!" This single reached number two on the billboard charts.

Style Edit

The musical style of Chorky and the Bandwagon varies greatly. Warp to My Heart is a slow ballad, whereas Go Out Rockin' is old style heavy metal. Several songs written by Duncan on "Sympathetic Principle" resemble 50s rock and roll, while about half of the songs on Dilithium resemble the early 21st century's musical style.

It is safe to say that they do not stick to any one style of music, and will release whatever they desire.

List of Singles/Albums Edit

The following is a list of the singles and albums released by Chorky and the Bandwagon and their authors. They are listed in order of release date.

  • Warp to My Heart ~ Single (Written by Chorky)
  • Stick it to the Man ~ Single (Written by Volvo)
  • Boldly Go ~ Single (Written by Chorky)
  • Dilithium ~ Album ( 13 Songs Written by All Three)
  • Sympathetic Principle ~ Album (15 Songs Written by All Three)
  • (We're Gonna) Go Out Rockin' ~ Single (Written By Chorky)