Captain Vulcanian is a highly decorated Captain Vulcan (and formerly commodore) in the United Federation of Planets.

History Edit

Commodore Vulcanian was one of the top of his class at the academy, and graduated with high honors. He quickly rose through the ranks to captain, due to above average skill in command. He was then promoted to Commodore, but demoted by the second in command for endangerment of the ship. Soon afterwards, the warp core was breached on the Victory, and Vulcanian suffered plasma poisoning, dying quickly. A lieutenant who hated him immediately threw him in a torpedo and jettisoned him into space, meaning the end of Vulcanian.

Vulcanian, unbeknownst to the Federation, faked his own death. He is actually alive, and now in the high command at Traxia.

While in the Federation full time, Vulcanian did fairly well as a captain, and was known as a very good commanding officer, though his crew didn't like him. He was known for saying that he didn't tolerate error, and giving ridiculously specific warp speeds, such as warp 5.555666.

Volvo Edit

After faking his death, he returned to the fleet under the name Volvo, and joined the band 'Chorky and the Bandwagon'. He has captained the USS Victory-D on many occasions. His rank under the name Volvo is Lieutenant Commander.

Relatives Edit

It was confirmed that he has a sister on Rigel V after Bunny threatened said sister to make Volvo comply. No details about her are known.