Annabelle is Bunny's doppelganger from an alternate universe known as the Steampunk Universe or Annabelle Universe. Her universe has doppelgangers of many members of Starfleet'. Annabelle is a time travelling adventurer, (better known as a Chrononaut in her universe) and an astronaut, she pilots a ship known as the S.S. Quintessential. She is the saviour of mankind in her universe, and has saved Earth countless times from many threats. She was born in London in the year 1886, and thus has a cockney accent, but she hides her accent at times when she deems it appropriate.

Time/Space Travel Edit

Annabelle is an expert tinkerer, she created a device called a Chronal Transport Device which is stuck to her chest, similarly to Bunny's power core, which allows her to travel in both time and space. It is powered by a liquid fuel source from outer space known as Blue Matter. The device is capable of crossing into other dimensions and universes within the multiverse. When travelling to another universe, however, she usually swaps places with her doppelganger in that universe, and her doppelganger is sent to her position in the universe she travelled from.

She also pilots a space-faring ship within her universe, called the S.S. Quintessential. It is crewed by several different people, and is powered by Blue Matter. She built the ship with her own two hands.

Cybernetics Edit

Annabelle, being the doppelganger of Bunny, has very similar cybernetics to Bunny's version 2, but they are mechanical rather than electric, and are powered by Blue Matter. The effects of her cybernetics are identical to Bunny's, but her Chronal Transport Device allows her to teleport a short distance at almost no cost, but not through solid objects, this ability was later given to Bunny in her version 3 cybernetics, though it works differently; Annabelle's ability is not actually teleportation, and is instead slowing down time around her while she moves, creating the appearance of teleportation, while Bunny's combines superspeed and teleportation technology.

Appearances In Starfleet' Universe Edit

Annabelle was first introduced in a canon roleplay on the 13/12/2017, when an alien race EMP'd the Victory-D, Bunny almost died, but was saved. A bomb was planted by the technology-hating alien race which was made out of cogs and gears, so Bunny called Annabelle to disarm it. The alien believed Annabelle was their goddess, The Goddess Of Steampunk, and accepted her every command. She commanded them not to destroy the ship or EMP the rest of the universe, then returned to her own universe. Annabelle was hinted at by Bunny in a couple RPs prior, but this was her first appearance in a RP. She also canonically entered the Starfleet' Universe and somehow interacted with Bunny, and they met eachother and agreed to swap places when needed.