Childhood Edit

Anajay2's early years weren't remembered by anyone. What is known about anajay2 from 1-12 is that she had no parents. She had been taken care of by 2 people who found her left on the side of the road until she was about 4 years old, when she was then once again left on the side of the road, to fend for herself. The rest has all been forgotten.

Teen Years Edit

Much like her early years, most of this was forgotten. When she was 14 she had been hit by a car, and suffered a serious concussion, which caused permanent amnesia. She then only remembered basic things such as walking, talking, etc.

At 15 she was brought in by 2 people, named Raktrak and Robobobo. Because of this she was brought to school, caught up in the grades quickly, and grew an interest in science. So much, in fact, that when she was 16, also joined Starfleet' Academy and learned science there.

Adult Years Edit

When anajay2 was 20 years old she became the captain of the starship "Uss Hood".

She was recently killed by what is suspected to be a rogue officer. The killer is still in question.