Anajay2 is a very old member of Starfleet, and part of the Starfleet Council.

Anajay2 starfleet uni

History Edit

"Your head's stuck in the ground mister!"

-anajay2, to Yantoo at a RP

Anajay2 joined the original starfleet around a month after cvscvs2 did. From there her promotion to her current rank was slow. She did not get a promotion at a roleplay because she demanded the host, Yantoo, to give her admin because "His head was stuck in the ground." She stayed at Captain for a long time, because no one would give her the admiral's test, so eventually cvscvs2 gave it to her. A main reason for her large success in the group is that she is related the the current Head Admiral, cvscvs2, in real life.