The Admirals Test, a test in place since the waning days of original Starfleet, is the test to decide whether or not to promote someone to Lower Admiral.

Conception and Progression Edit

The admirals test was devised by the first Head Admiral and Fleet Admiral of thee original Starfleet, hondra30 and 8q1sgrov respectively. They decided that to be a high rank, it was necessary to do more than simply attend a training. They made a test, usually different every time, with usually five questions. You needed to get at least three correct to pass and become an admiral.

cvscvs2, after taking control, kept it the same for about a year, before he decided to change things a bit. For one, he standardized the test, making it the same each time you took it. Second, he made it so a board or three hrs (their identities kept secret for their safety) would grade it, and the average of those three grades would be the final grade. You would have to get at least a 70% of the questions correct to pass. Correct, of course, is sometimes a matter of opinion for these questions.

In February 2017, cvs revised the test again, adding five more questions to it, and changing the passing grade to 75%. There is also now a "driving test", where the admiral takes control of a simulated starship, in control of a fleet. They must pass this simulation AND the test to become the rank of Lower Admiral.