Admiral Elizabeth Smugly is a Vice Admiral, and a clone of Eugine Ugly's friend Elizabeth Klaxon, played by anajay2 in roleplays.

Life Edit

Admiral Smugly is a clone. Her DNA was taken from Elizabeth Klaxon, and she was illegally cloned without permission or knowledge of the United Federation of Planets. She was brought into the world as an eighteen year old female, and has since aged a couple of decades. Since the cloning was undergone by Admiral Ugly, it didn't go perfectly well, and Smugly was quite stupid as a result. Ugly was quite a genius, but not smart enough to invent, build, and carry out a cloning procedure with his spare time and the Federation's spare materials. She attended Starfleet' academy, and although she was quite an idiot, managed to pass due to Admiral Ugly "pulling some strings".

He pulled quite a few, and managed to bring her to the rank of Vice Admiral, feeling responsible for her, and very guilty about her. While trapped in a cave on a planet, she remembered some of the memories of Creezarch, which implies that all of Creezarch's memories are in her head somewhere. If this is true, then in essence, Elizabeth Smugly is Elizabeth Creezarch.